Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Past trips - St. Pierre and Miquelon

Back in the days of $1.50 gas (1999), I drove from New York to St. Pierre and Miquelon (and then to California.  And we were in the infamous Boundary Waters - Canadian Derecho on the way.  With a cat in the truck.  Really.).  It was a quest tasked by my girlfriend's parents - at least that's how I remember it.  They were French, and they wanted to know what this remnant of New France was like.  Here's a NYT article on Newfoundland border issues that jogged my memory of the trip.

Which leads to minor point for this blog - should I post some pre-blog photos?  Or even scan some old film photos for the blog?  (At this point) the answer is no.  Part of my life is online, and part of it was pre-online.  And that's fine.  Maybe I even look forward to being in the last generation of yellowed photo albums.  

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