Saturday, September 28, 2013

HHPF! #12 - Bishop/Sierras salad days

(HHPF intro here).

In 1999 I moved to Bishop to work at the White Mountain Research Station.  I spent eight days at the Crooked Creek station (10,200 feet), and then had six days off to backpack in the eastern Sierra.  I spent a lot of those days off climbing the California 14-ers and some other peaks.  The first photos are of the mountains, and the remainder from the Station:

(Middle Palisade approach)

(on Middle Pal)

(Mount Abbot, one of my top-10 favorite climbs)

(Mount Langley)

(Looking north from Mount Langley to Mount Whitney)

(Mount Muir)

(Mount Russell summit)

(Mount Williamson)

(Palisades Dusy Basin)

(Split Mountain)

(Starlight Peak)

(Thunderbolt Peak)


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