Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HHPF! #4 - Thailand

(HHPF intro here).

In Thailand I found the Lotus Eaters - an entire class of touristic and semi-permanent ex-pats who laze about but aren't any happier for it.  It is also a surprisingly dangerous place.  Every day I saw multiple Lotus Eaters with casts, slings, gauze, and other aids to cure their revelry-related injuries.

Catherine and I had barely gotten off the plane when it turned out we needed to get on a long, wooden boat powered by a suspended truck engine in order to get to where we were going.  An aggressive Lotus Eater told us we were being overcharged, and recommended waiting for the next boat.  We paid the extra two dollars, and soon were in some large waves in the Tasman Sea: 

I had all my stuff from living in China for four months, and feeling like maybe it wasn't such a good idea to have it on the boat.  Our driver and navigator (above [not Catherine]) waited a good while before timing our approach to the beach with a wave trough.  We stepped out without even getting wet.  The next boat - the proper price one - did not time the approach and was completely swamped:

But we did pay too much.  

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