Monday, October 7, 2013

Welcome to Heavy Hiking

I maintained this blog from October, 2008 to October, 2013 - five years and 500 posts.  Most of the posts are about long-distance hiking and backpacking, ultramarathons, mountaineering/scrambling, and generally spending time in the great wilderness areas of the American West.  I also wrote about food and restaurants I liked and disliked, music, travel, and other non-work-related interests, including a surprising number of posts about development in my neighborhood, the Denver West Highlands.  Over the last few weeks I had fun adding some old scanned photos in order to round out the total number of posts to 500.  Blog highlights include my hikes of the Colorado Trail and Arizona trail, a month on the Pacific Crest trail, and longer trips to Switzerland and New Zealand.

I will continue to post photos at Flickr, may be more active at my nascent Twitter account @WillStenzel, and will also post updates here on other online developments.  Thanks for visiting!

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